Vegan Athlete Meal Plans: 7 Days of Delicious and Nutritious Ideas


Are you looking for vegan athlete meal plans that can fuel your performance, recovery and health? 

Whether you are a recreational soccer player, on a club team, play for fun or you any other sport, following a vegan diet can be a great way to meet your nutritional needs and support your sports performance goals. 

However, it can also be challenging to plan and prepare balanced vegan meals that provide enough energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients.

That’s why we have created this 7-day vegan athlete meal plan for you. It includes breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks that are easy to make, tasty and satisfying. 

Of course, you can adjust the portions and ingredients according to your personal preferences and sports nutrition goals.

Let’s dive into the vegan athlete meal plan for the next 7 days.

We hope you enjoy these ideas and feel the difference in your energy levels and well-being.

7 day vegan athlete meal plans

Can athletes perform well on a vegan diet

A well-planned vegan diet can provide all the protein and nutrients athletes need to perform at their best. In fact, some studies have shown that vegan athletes may even have a performance advantage over their omnivorous counterparts. (1, 2, 3)

Of course, not all vegan diets are created equal. Some vegan athletes may not be getting the nutrients they need to perform at their best. 

It is important for vegan athletes to work with a registered sports dietitian nutritionist to ensure that they are getting all the nutrients they need.

7 day vegan athlete meal plans

In our 7 day vegan athlete meal plans we’ve included a variety of plant-based foods rich in protein, such as tofu, tempeh, beans, lentils, quinoa, nuts, seeds and soy products.

These foods also provide other important nutrients for vegan athletes, such as iron, zinc, calcium, iodine and vitamin B12. 

In addition, we have added some sources of omega-3 fatty acids, such as flaxseeds, chia seeds, walnuts and hemp seeds. These fats are beneficial for reducing inflammation, improving brain function and enhancing cardiovascular health.

Day 1

Breakfast: Blueberry banana smoothie bowl

Snack: Apple with peanut butter

  • Slice a crunchy apple and spread with peanut butter and sprinkled with flaxseed.

Lunch: Tofu veggie stir-fry with brown rice

  • A savory stir-fry made with crispy tofu cubes coated with a sweet and spicy sauce. Serve with sautéed broccoli and cooked brown rice.

Snack: Trail mix

  • A crunchy and chewy mix of raw almonds, dried cranberries and dark chocolate chunks.

Dinner: Lentil bolognese with whole grain spaghetti

  • A hearty and satisfying dish made with cooked lentils simmered in a tomato sauce with herbs and spices. Serve over spaghetti and sprinkle with nutritional yeast (or vegan parmesan cheese).

Day 2

Breakfast: Peanut butter banana oatmeal

  • Warm or overnight oatmeal made with water (or plant milk), rolled oats, almond butter and mashed banana. Top with sliced berries, nuts and chia seeds.

Snack: Hummus with carrot sticks

  • A creamy and flavorful dip made with chickpeas, tahini, lemon juice, garlic and salt Serve with carrot sticks, veggie sticks or whole grain crackers.

Lunch: Quinoa salad with roasted chickpeas

  • A refreshing and filling salad made with cooked quinoa, chopped kale , cherry tomatoes, cucumber, avocado, olives and dressing. Top with roasted chickpeas seasoned with oil, salt, pepper and paprika.

Snack: Chocolate protein smoothie

Dinner: Tempeh veggie burgers with sweet potato fries

  • A delicious and nutritious burger made with crumbled tempeh, onion, garlic, carrot, oats, and soy sauce. Serve on whole-wheat buns with your favorite toppings. Pair with a side of sweet potato fries seasoned with salt, pepper and paprika.

Day 3

Breakfast: Tofu scramble with whole grain toast

  • A savory and protein-packed scramble made with crumbled tofu, onion, garlic, turmeric, nutritional yeast and salt and pepper. Cooked until golden and fluffy. Served with whole-wheat toast and vegan butter (or jam).

Snack: Granola bar

  • A chewy and crunchy bar made with oats, nuts, seeds, dried fruits, peanut butter, maple syrup, salt. Baked or no-bake until firm and cut into bars. Or for an easier option check out our post on gluten free protein bars.

Lunch: Black bean burrito with salsa

  • A satisfying and spicy burrito made with a whole-wheat tortilla filled with black beans, rice, corn, lettuce, tomato, avocado, vegan cheese (or nutritional yeast). Fold and toast until crisp and serve with fresh tomato salsa.

Snack: Yogurt with berries

  • A creamy and tangy snack made with vegan yogurt (such as soy yogurt or coconut yogurt) and fresh or frozen berries. Sprinkle with some granola, nuts and seeds.

Dinner: Vegetable curry with naan bread

  • A fragrant and flavorful curry made with coconut milk. Simmer with cauliflower, chickpeas, spinach and cilantro. Serve with naan bread and/or rice.

Day 4

Breakfast: Chia pudding with mango

  • A smooth and creamy pudding made with chia seeds soaked in plant milk overnight in the fridge. Stir with some maple syrup and vanilla extract. Top with fresh or frozen mango chunks and some shredded coconut.

Snack: Edamame with sea salt

  • A simple and satisfying snack made with boiled or steamed edamame pods sprinkled with some sea salt. Peel and eat by popping the beans out of the pods.

Lunch: Kale salad with roasted tempeh

  • A crunchy and hearty salad made with chopped kale massaged with some lemon juice, olive oil and nutritional yeast. Tossed with roasted tempeh cubes. Sprinkle with some sunflower seeds and dried cranberries.

Snack: Banana bread muffin

  • A moist and fluffy muffin made with mashed ripe bananas, whole-wheat flour and flax eggs. Stir in some chopped walnuts and chocolate chips. Bake in a muffin tin until golden and done.

Dinner: Vegetable Soup with Bread

  • A warm and comforting soup made with vegetable broth, carrot, celery, potato, corn, green beans, peas and barley. Simmer until tender and flavorful. Served with whole-wheat bread and vegan butter (or jam) if desired.

Day 5

Breakfast: Avocado toast with scrambled tofu

  • A savory and satisfying toast made with whole-wheat bread, spread with mashed avocado. Top with scrambled tofu made with crumbled tofu and nutritional yeast. Serve with a side of fresh berries.

Snack: Oatmeal cookie and pear

  • A chewy and delicious cookie made with oats, whole-wheat flour, vegan butter, flax egg and dried tart cherries. Enjoy with a crisp pear or apple.

Lunch: Veggie wrap with hummus

  • A tasty and filling wrap made with a whole-wheat tortilla spread with hummus and filled with tempeh, lettuce, tomato, cucumber, carrot, bell pepper and olives. Rolled and cut in half or sliced into bite-sized pieces.

Snack: Fruit Salad with Yogurt

  • A refreshing and sweet salad made with chopped fresh fruit and vegan yogurt (such as soy yogurt or coconut yogurt). Sprinkled with some shredded coconut and chia seeds.

Dinner: Mushroom Stroganoff with Noodles

  • A creamy and savory dish made with sliced mushrooms sautéed with onion, garlic, salt, pepper and paprika. Add vegan sour cream (or plant milk) to thicken the sauce. Serve over cooked noodles or rice and a fresh green salad.

Day 6

Breakfast: Granola with yogurt and berries

  • A crunchy and creamy breakfast made with granola and vegan yogurt . Topped with fresh or frozen berries and some nuts or seeds such as almonds, walnuts and sunflower seeds.

Snack: Popcorn with nutritional yeast

  • A simple and satisfying snack made with popcorn kernels popped in a pot with some oil and sprinkled with some nutritional yeast (or salt) for a cheesy flavor.

Lunch: Veggie burger with fries

  • A delicious and nutritious burger made with a veggie burger patty and a whole-wheat bun. Top with lettuce, tomato, onion and your favorite sauces. Serve with oven-baked potato wedges seasoned with oil, salt and pepper.

Snack: Chocolate chip cookie

  • A soft and chewy cookie made with vegan butter, flax egg, vanilla extract, whole-wheat flour and chocolate chips.

Dinner: Vegetable lasagna

  • A cheesy and comforting dish made with lasagna noodles layered with tomato sauce , spinach, vegan ricotta cheese (made with tofu, lemon juice, nutritional yeast), vegan mozzarella cheese and vegan parmesan cheese.

Day 7

Breakfast: Pancakes with maple syrup and berries

  • A fluffy and delicious breakfast made with whole-wheat flour, plant milk (such as soy milk or almond milk), vegan butter, and vanilla extract. Serve with more maple syrup and fresh or frozen berries.

Snack: Roasted almonds

  • A crunchy and savory snack made with raw almonds roasted in the oven with some oil, salt, pepper, rosemary and thyme.

Lunch: Vegetable sushi with soy sauce

  • A fun and tasty lunch made with sushi rice. Spread on a sheet of nori seaweed and topped with sliced avocado, cucumber, carrot and bell pepper. Roll and cut into pieces. Serve with soy sauce (or tamari), wasabi and ginger.

Snack: Date and nut balls

  • A sweet and chewy snack made with pitted dates, nuts, cocoa powder , salt, and vanilla extract. Process in a food processor or blender until sticky and smooth. Roll into balls and coated with shredded coconut.

Dinner: Bean and Vegetable Chili with Cornbread

  • A spicy and hearty dish made with onion, garlic, chili powder, cumin, salt, pepper, and any other seasonings you like. Cook with black beans, kidney beans, crushed tomatoes, corn and green beans. Serve with cornbread and vegan sour cream.


We hope you enjoyed this 7-day vegan athlete meal plan and found some inspiration for your own vegan meals. As you can see, vegan diets can be delicious, nutritious and satisfying for athletes of all levels. 

By choosing a variety of plant-based foods that provide enough energy, protein, vitamins, minerals and other essential nutrients, you can support your health and performance goals.

Start planning your meals and stock your pantry with your favorite vegan foods!


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