Best Gifts for Athletes [2023 Guide]

Wondering where to find the best gifts for athletes. Look no further than our holiday guide. Our favorites include items to keep your athletes performing at their best, training hard and relaxing and recovering.

Best gifts for athletes

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gifts for athletes- rumpl puffy blanket

Rumpl Puffy Blanket

Keep your athlete warm and cozy between games, on planes or even in the off season. These blankets make great gifts for athletes. Since they’re packable, you can clip onto a backpack or shove in a backpack.

Hydroflask Water Bottle

Keeping athletes optimally hydrated can be challenging, so these water bottles make good gifts for athletes. These stainless steel water bottles are powerhouses since they can go anywhere and withstand the elements. With multiple options for lids and straws and colors galore, every athlete will be happy.

Soccer Journal – Dot Journal (6×9)

Snag this soccer-themed dot journal. It’s got 120 pages of high quality dotted paper. This can be used for taking notes, journaling, doodling and more. Pair it with the coloring pens below for a perfect gift.

gifts for athletes-soccer dot journal
best gifts for athletes journal pens

Coloring Pens for Journals and Coloring Books

These coloring pens make fun gifts for athletes. They can be used for journaling, coloring books or pen and paper games. With lots of colors, athletes can unleash their creativity.

Soft-Sided Lunch Box

Athletes need to pack healthy snacks and good pre game meals. So a sturdy soft sided lunch bag with room for an ice pack, is a gift every athlete needs. This bag also has a clipp-able handle so you can easily attach it to your gear bag.

Soft sided lunch box for best gifts for athletes for packing snacks and healthy meals.

Shoot Your Shot

Inspire your athlete to set goals, navigate challenges and accomplish their dreams.

inspirational books  make the best gifts for athletes

TRX GO Suspension Trainer

A great tool for athletes of all ages. The TRX trainer can be used on the go or at home. Check out the TRX page for programs of all kinds from yoga and recovery to circuit and strength.

trx suspension trainer makes a great gift for athletes on the go
travel pillow gifts for athletes

Travel Pillow

Keep your athlete well rested and comfortable on plane rides, van trips and car travel. They’ll feel well rested with this travel pack including pillow, eye mask and ear plugs.

Best stocking stuffer gifts for athletes

Check out some of our favorite stocking stuffers

Cheribundi Pure Concentrate

Tart cherry juice is packed full of phytonutrients–anthocyanins, antioxidants and flavonoids. It’s been been shown to help muscles recover by reducing inflammation and increasing antioxidant capacity. (1) These 2.5 oz packets can tuck into a sports gear bag and meet TSA guidelines for carry-ons when traveling to tournaments.

Stash this muscle roller stick in your athlete’s stocking. Athletes can keep this in a gear bag and roll out sore muscles on the sidelines before or after practices.

muscle roller sticks make the best gifts for athletes
cooling towels are some of the best gifts for athletes, stacks of towels that can be stashed in a gear bag

Cooling towels come in handy during those hot summer tournaments, two-a-day practices as athletes are getting back into season and during intense work outs.

Beanie with built in bluetooth for your athlete on the go. This beanie is machine washable with removable headphones. With 10 hours of playing time your athlete will enjoy cold weather work outs, runs and trainings to their favorite tunes.

black bluetooth beanies make the best gifts for athletes
resistance bands-best gifts for athletes looking to improve strength and conditioning

TRX Training Resistance Bands

For athletes looking to activate muscles or add a little resistance. These bands come with multiple tensions to meet every athlete’s training needs.

Now you’re ready to find the best gift for your athlete

With so many options, you can’t go wrong finding the best gift for your favorite athlete. Your athlete will thank you in the coming year when they can put these gifts to good use.

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